What Is “X00 Barcode”?

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Barcode starting with x00 barcode,It indicates that “Amazon barcode” is selected. It is recommended to select Amazon barcode,Starting with B0, it means that you selected “manufacturer barcode” when switching to FBA shipping;

Products can be shipped using product barcodes starting with B0. However, some Amazon FBA sellers have reported that their products cannot be shipped, so it is recommended to choose products starting with X0.

What does x00 barcode mean at Amazon?

I believe that every Amazon seller is familiar with barcodes. Every product sent to Amazon FBA will have a unique corresponding barcode. Only products with this barcode affixed on their outer packaging can be put into storage. If the barcode is incorrect, Amazon will send you a notice asking you to exit the warehouse and re-attach the barcode, or Amazon will help you attach the barcode, but it will charge a certain fee.

How to generate a barcode and how to affix a barcode are very simple and do not need to be introduced to you. Today I will mainly introduce to you the problems that may exist with shipping barcodes.

In fact, there are two types of barcodes: one is the manufacturer’s barcode, and the other is the barcode posted by the seller himself. The barcode posted by the seller starts with x00 barcode, and the manufacturer’s barcode starts with B0. In fact, the manufacturer’s barcode is also the ASIN code. One of these two barcodes is likely to cause hidden dangers

X00 Barcode

It Is Recommended Not To USE Barcodes Starting With Bo

Manufacturer barcodes starting with B0 may cause hidden dangers. Because the barcode starting with B0 is easy for your competitors to copy your bar number, and because the listings on Amazon do not belong to you, the goods sent to the Amazon warehouse are also arranged by Amazon.

The Amazon warehouse only recognizes barcodes. If your barcode is an ASIN code, then your competitors can also use the same barcode. The Amazon warehouse will put goods with the same barcode together when entering the warehouse!

If your competitors deliberately target you, they can copy the same bar number and send the goods to the Amazon warehouse. The actual product is not your product, which will affect your listing. If a competitor wants to take advantage of this loophole to make money, it will appear that his goods have been sold out and he can continue to sell your goods. Your goods are getting fewer and fewer, but they are still not easy to detect.

Although so far, this situation rarely occurs, but in order to prevent this situation from happening, it is still possible to use barcodes starting with X00 as much as possible. In addition, Amazon has already issued a notice a long time ago. In the future, there is a possibility of rejecting barcodes starting with B0 when warehousing them. I believe some sellers have already encountered this situation.