What is Amazon dropshipping?

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What is Amazon dropshipping? Drop shipping refers to a business model in which suppliers deliver goods directly to consumers, and the seller is responsible for the sales and after-sales service of the goods. To put it simply, everyone gets what they need. Suppliers have sales needs, and sellers play the role of bearings, operating products, opening up sales, and maintaining customers. At the same time, from the seller’s perspective, there is no inventory pressure and logistics. Cost, and the right to set prices, is a business model carried out at low cost

What is Amazon dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business sales model that refers to a supplier or manufacturer delivering goods directly to consumers, while the seller is responsible for sales and customer service.

In this model, the seller does not need to hold inventory himself. When a consumer places an order, the seller forwards the order to the supplier or manufacturer, who then sends the goods directly to the consumer. In this way, the seller avoids It reduces inventory investment and logistics costs, while also controlling pricing. It is a low-cost business model.