Shipping From Guangzhou To UK

At present, Shipping From Guangzhou To UK is a very affordable way. The shipping channel takes about 40 days to arrive at the British port. Since the transportation time is very long, if you want to save some freight for emergency goods, you need to prepare them in advance.

Shipping From Guangzhou To UK

Guangzhou To UK Shipping Time

How long does it take to ship from China to the UK? Currently, when using dedicated logistics lines to ship goods from China to the UK, it takes approximately 20 days to ship goods from a Chinese port to a British port, starting from the departure of the cargo ship. If including customs clearance and door-to-door delivery, it will take about 30-40 days

The specific time depends on the destination port. If the Guangzhou area is shipped to the UK, it usually takes about a month to arrive.

Generally speaking, the shipping time by sea will be longer. If timeliness requirements are high, you can use China-Europe train rail or air transportation channels. These two modes of transportation are faster than sea freight, but the price is generally much higher than sea freight, with air freight being the highest.

In fact, the time for domestic shipping to the UK is not very long, the difference is not big, generally more than 20 days. The time limit for shipping to the UK by sea is actually not that long in terms of delivery. Counting from the second day of sailing, it usually takes about 24 days to arrive at the UK port.

It should be noted that this is only the time to arrive at the port, because after the ship arrives at the port, the container needs to be unloaded from the ship, and then the goods need to be shipped out of the container, which takes about 1-2 days

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The exact price can be offered when the details of your goods finalized,like weight,volume,loaded city and destination city.

You can pay us by bank transfer(T/T),Western Union paypal,payoneer,trade Assurance and so on.Commonly,you need to pay us before the shipment.

Yes,we can.We can buy the export license,do the customs declaration and ship the goods out to you.

Yes, We can help do that for you. Please offer your detail requirements for the inspection. We can help do that for you. Please offer the exact address for picking up.

Of course, we can help to take photos for your goods.

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