How Much To Ship A Car From China To USA

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Car shipping usually uses professional ro-ro carriers, PCC (Pure Car Carrier, pure car carrier) or PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier, pure car truck carrier). The vehicle is driven directly to the ro-ro ship and fixed on the car deck. on, no lifting required.

The transport capacity of car carriers is calculated in CEU (Car Equivalent Unit), which is similar to TEU (transcript container). One CEU refers to one parking space. The earliest CEU, also known as RT or RT43, originated from the 1966 Toyota Corona RT43. The car was 1.5 meters wide. One CEU was the 4-meter-long lane space required to store a car of this model. Now one CEU is 10 square meters. .

The largest car carrier currently in operation is Höegh Autoliners’ post-panamax-class carrier, which is 199.9 meters long, 36.5 meters wide, and has a maximum loading capacity of 8,500 CEU. As the market continues to rise, many shipping companies or car companies have placed orders for transport ships of more than 9,000 CEU.

How Much To Ship A Car From China To USA

However, shipping costs are often not calculated based on CEU, because containers have a standard size and weight limit of 20 feet or 40 feet, and the models of each car company vary widely. Car shipping companies still use CBM (cubic meters) to calculate their quotations. Recently, Reno Shipping announced its first quarter report for 2023. Its average gross freight revenue is US$87.9 per CBM. Based on this estimate, a Tesla The volume of the sedan Model 3 is about 12.53 CBM, and the shipping cost is US$1,081.17. The volume of a BYD Tang SUV is about 16.25 CBM, and the shipping cost is US$1,428.36.

Of course, this is just a rough estimate. Shipping costs also need to consider factors such as different routes, different ports of destination, etc. For example, as far as Xiaoquan knows, the current quotation for routes from China to the Gulf region is about US$80 per CBM, such as BYD, Tesla, etc. Cars with higher prices are generally shipped to Europe, and the shipping distance is longer and the shipping price is higher.