Maersk Line urgently leases 125,000 containers


According to news on May 14, Maersk stated that the impact of the situation in the Red Sea is expanding and continues to cause damage to the entire industry. To ensure the safety of crews, ships and cargo, Maersk will continue to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope for the foreseeable future.

However, as the risk area has expanded and the attack scope has spread to farther seas, the chain effects of this situation include bottlenecks, port congestion, ship delays, and shortages of equipment, shipping capacity, and containers.

Maersk expects the industry-wide capacity loss from the Far East to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean in the second quarter to be 15-20%. In this regard, Maersk has also taken measures to deal with the current situation, hoping to speed up sailing and increase shipping capacity. To secure the supply chain, Maersk has leased more than 125,000 additional containers.