What Does FCA Mean In Shipping

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FCA is an English abbreviation in trade terms. Its full name is free carrier. The Chinese translation is “freight to carrier”, which means that the seller only needs to deliver the product to the carrier designated by the buyer at the agreed address and perform export customs clearance. After processing, the delivery can be completed. FCA is a relatively common term in foreign trade.

FCA Incoterms In the “Incoterms 2000” (INCOTERMS 2000), the following relevant provisions are required: It is important to note that the choice of delivery address will affect the loading and unloading obligations of this address.

If the seller delivers goods at his or her location, the seller is responsible for loading. If the seller delivers goods at any other address, the seller is not responsible for loading. In addition, this trade term can be applied to a variety of foreign trade transportation modes, such as road, air, railway, ocean transportation or other various combined transportation.

FCA Fee Breakdown

Unless delivery has been completed, the seller must bear all costs related to the goods; in addition, when customs procedures are required, the customs procedure fees for product export and all export duties or other fees payable for export must be borne by the seller.

At the same time, the seller must provide the buyer with a detailed notice stating that the product has been delivered to the carrier in accordance with relevant regulations. If the carrier fails to collect the goods within the specified period, the seller must also inform the buyer of the relevant situation.

When the seller completes the delivery, the buyer will be responsible for all subsequent costs and the buyer does not specify the carrier or other person in accordance with the regulations, or the person specified by the buyer fails to take over the goods within the specified time, or the buyer fails to take over the goods within the specified time.

Any additional costs arising from failure to give relevant notices to the seller as agreed will be borne by the buyer. The buyer’s family must give detailed notice to the seller of the name of the stipulated person as agreed. In addition, the foreign trade transportation method and the time and deadline of delivery by the designated person shall be specified according to the requirements, as well as the specific delivery point at the agreed address according to the situation.