Classement des ports nord-américains en 2023

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1/ Journal of Commerce releases 2023 North American port rankings. Mexico’s Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas ports experienced strong cargo growth last year, reflecting not only the growth of demand in Mexico’s domestic market, but also the trend of increasing demand from exporters, mainly China, to Mexico for production and re-export to the United States and other markets.

Both ports rose in the Journal of Commerce ranking of the busiest North American gateways measured by loaded containers. In 2023, containerized cargo imports through the Port of Manzanillo increased by 7.63% year-on-year, moving the Pacific Coast port up two spots to become the fifth-largest port in North America by containerized cargo imports, behind Los Angeles, New York-New Jersey, Long Beach and Savannah. COSCO Shipping, CMA CGM, MSC and OOCL all added container services connecting Manzanillo this spring.

Lazaro Cardenas replaced Oakland as the 11th largest container port for North American imports, according to the annual rankings. New MSC and CMA CGM services also call at Lazaro Cardenas. Other notable changes in the rankings include Vancouver and Miami each dropping one spot from 2022 to 7th and 16th, respectively, in 2023. Prince Rupert, Jacksonville, and Mobile each moved up one spot.

The top 25 North American container ports published by the Journal of Commerce handled 95% of North America’s total container imports in 2023. The total import volume of the top 25 North American ports, including 16 US ports, 4 Canadian ports and 5 Mexican ports, fell 11.7% year-on-year in 2023.

Leading the North American container import trade in 2023 are the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of New York-New Jersey and the Port of Long Beach. The total volume of these three ports was 11.8 million TEUs, a year-on-year decrease of 14.5%, accounting for 38.2% of North America’s total imports.

1.Los Angeles
2023 market share: 13.90%
2022 TEU cargo throughput: 4,869,765
2023 TEU cargo throughput: 4,277,057
Year-on-year change: -12.17%
Past market share: 15.80% in 2020, 15.20% in 2021, 14.00% in 2022

2.New York-New Jersey
2023 market share: 12.60%
2022 TEU cargo throughput: 4,732,061
2023 TEU cargo throughput: 3,868,009
Year-on-year change: -18.26%
Past market share: 12.80% in 2020, 13.00% in 2021, 13.60% in 2022

3.Long Beach (Port of Long Beach)
2023 market share: 11.80%
2022 TEU cargo throughput: 4,164,066
2023 TEU cargo throughput: 3,621,817
Year-on-year change: -13.02%
Past market share: 13.10% in 2020, 12.80% in 2021, 12.00% in 2022

4.Savannah (Port of Savannah)
2023 market share: 7.60%
2022 TEU cargo throughput: 2,839,255
2023 TEU cargo throughput: 2,348,066
Year-on-year change: -17.30%
Past market share: 7.50% in 2020, 7.90% in 2021, 8.20% in 2022

5.Manzanillo (Port of Manzanillo)
2023 market share: 5.70%
2022 TEU cargo throughput: 1,632,436
2023 TEU cargo throughput: 1,757,034
Year-on-year change: 7.63%
Past market share: 4.20% in 2020, 4.50% in 2021, 4.70% in 2022