DSV faces a huge claim of US$16 million after its cargo hit a bridge hole

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Global logistics giant DSV has recently been involved in a rare and huge cargo damage claim case!

The cause of the incident was that a helicopter worth more than US$16 million that DSV was transporting for a customer unfortunately hit a highway overpass during transportation, causing serious damage to the cargo.

It is reported that the accident occurred in the United States in September 2023. At that time, a truck carrying an expensive helicopter got stuck in the bridge opening of an overpass. The truck driver was fined by the police because of the accident.

DSV faces a huge claim of US$16 million after its cargo hit a bridge hole

However, what is more serious than the fine for the driver is that DSV, the freight forwarding company responsible for transporting this cargo, may pay a high price for this accident that should not have happened.

After the accident, DSV received a sky-high claim of US$16 million from the customer, the owner of the damaged helicopter.

Danish media reports indicate that the cargo owner, Milestone Aviation Group, is an Irish company that leases helicopters to the oil industry from offices in Dublin and Dubai.

In the summer of 2023, the company handed over a 2013 Sikorsky S92A helicopter to DSV for transportation. The cargo was shipped from Rzeszów, Poland, and transported by truck from Poland to Gothenburg, Sweden. The final destination was Lafayette, Louisiana, in the southern United States. special city