Amazon FBA Shipping From China To USA

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Amazon FBA shipping from china to usa,You can use three methods, including international express, door-to-door air freight, door-to-door sea freight.

If you want to source products from China and ship directly to Amazon FBA, there are a few things you need to know. If you’re not familiar with the costs of shipping, customs clearance, and duties, you risk incurring unexpected costs that could negatively impact your company’s bottom line. Do your research before shipping direct from China and be prepared in advance to save time and maximize profits.

But the focus of this article is not a step-by-step guide. Because we are a freight forwarder in China, we will introduce to you from the perspective of a freight forwarder how to choose a reasonable transportation method when you want to shipping from China to Amazon FBA in the USA. Let you save shipping costs!

But if you want a step-by-step guide, I can recommend one excellent articles.

Amazon FBA Shipping From China To USA

International Express

Domestic sellers hand over the goods to international express companies such as UPS et DHL for transportation. UPS and other express companies will complete customs clearance procedures and generally require prepayment of customs duties (that is, prepayment by the consignor).

Because there is no real recipient in the Amazon warehouse, the express delivery time is relatively fast. Express companies such as UPS and DHL can enter the Amazon warehouse without making an appointment.

Generally, the price is very favorable for items weighing more than 20kg, and the delivery time is fast. It is very suitable for merchants who need urgent replenishment. Another advantage is that express delivery can be put into the warehouse without making an appointment.

Air Freight DDP

The freight forwarder arranges a flight to a city near the Amazon warehouse in the United States. The freight company’s customs clearance agent completes customs clearance, and then the express company delivers it to the warehouse. This method is slightly slower than the first method, but the freight is economical and fast. Although it is slightly slower than direct express delivery, it can be put into the warehouse without making an appointment and the cost is not expensive.


enerally, logistics companies wait until the goods are enough for one container, and then ship the entire container of goods to a port near Amazon in the United States. It usually takes about 28 days to arrive in New York from the east side of the United States, and about 18 days to Los Angeles from the west side of the United States. After the goods arrive in the United States, The freight company’s customs clearance agency completes customs clearance and then sends it to the trucking company for delivery to the warehouse. The trucking company needs to make an appointment in advance before delivery, and can only enter the warehouse after getting the Amazon reservation number.

International shipping has a long lead time, usually more than a month. The trailer is sent to Amazon, which generally requires a warehousing appointment. The operation is more troublesome than express delivery, but the price is very affordable and is suitable for non-urgent replenishment.

How long does it take for Amazon FBA Shipping From China To USA?

The shipping time from China to Amazon depends on some factors, such as: B. Your shipping method and the location of Amazon’s destination warehouse.

If you choose to ship direct to Amazon from China, keep in mind that Amazon must review and approve your product upon delivery before it can be listed for sale. It typically takes two to three weeks for products from China to arrive at Amazon’s U.S. warehouses, plus about 14 days for your product to be reviewed and approved.

However, if you use Express Shipping, Amazon will prioritize your products and they will be available for sale within 7-10 days of the delivery date

Amazon FBA shipping from china to usa

Shipping Cost From China To USA Amazon FBA

The cost of shipping from China to Amazon FBA depends on a few standard factors, such as the weight and size of your product, the shipping method you choose, and the location of the Amazon warehouse. In addition, your shipment may experience unexpected delays or charges – for example, due to weather conditions, port disruptions, or other factors.

Please keep in mind that these prices are estimates and your actual shipping charges may be higher or lower depending on the factors listed above. To estimate shipping costs from China to USA Amazon FBA, try our instant shipping calculator.

To Amazon FBA in the USA

To Amazon FBA in the USA

Actual Weight: kg

Volumetric Weight: kg

Billing Weight: kg

Shipping Rates:

1. Air freight: 7-10 days to arrive at US airport
2. Quick Sea: The goods will arrive at the port about 13-18 calendar days after the ship departs.
3. Slow Sea: The goods will arrive at the port about 20-25 calendar days after the ship departs.
4. The billable weight of a single piece is not less than 12KG.
5. Calculate weight according to UPS rules, length*width*height/6000
6. Each customs clearance cannot exceed 5 product names, and an additional USD 4.84/PCS will be charged for the excess.


When Amazon FBA Shipping From China To USA, I personally think that the most important thing is the transportation link, because the cost of your product usually does not change after you confirm the purchase price with the supplier, but the transportation cost often changes. If you can find a professional Chinese Amazon freight forwarder to provide you with services, you can save a lot of costs and negotiate payment terms, so that you can maximize your liquidity and relieve your stress.