Alibaba Best Way To Ship From China To USA (Meilleur moyen d'expédier de la Chine aux États-Unis)

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Alibaba best way to ship from china to usa, Air express is undoubtedly the best way, Express delivery is the fastest way to ship goods from Alibaba to the United States. Air express companies such as DHL, UPS and FedEx Express offer this service.

But it is not absolute. This has a lot to do with your requirements for the arrival time, weight, and volume of the goods. In this article, we assume that there are three purchasing personnel with different identities, namely individual buyers and import wholesalers. Amazon FBA selling, the best shipping methods you can use are also a little different.

Alibaba Best Way To Ship From China To USA (Meilleur moyen d'expédier de la Chine aux États-Unis)

Alibaba Best Way To Ship From China To USA (Meilleur moyen d'expédier de la Chine aux États-Unis)

Individual Uyer

If you are purchasing on the Alibaba platform in your own name and not purchasing many products, then the best way to Shipping from China to the US is undoubtedly air express, because air express can help you provide customs clearance services in the United States. You do not need to To deal with customs, you only need to pay the corresponding duties after receiving the air express (UPS, DHL, Fedex) information. After the goods are released, they can deliver the goods directly to your home.

You can use the freight forwarding provider provided by Alibaba, or you can use your freight forwarder,

While express freight is a fast and stress-free shipping method, it has the downside of being the most expensive shipping method. Therefore, if your Alibaba goods are bulky, you should not consider shipping through this method, except if they are urgently needed.

Express shipping generally takes 2-4 working days to ship goods from Alibaba to the USA. Alibaba shipping costs about $4-$10 per kg to the USA.

Importer Or Wholesaler

For such customers, my experience is that they usually purchase large quantities of goods, many of which may be customized, and they will make their own plans for the purchase and transportation of goods, whether they purchase from Alibaba suppliers or For other suppliers, air freight and sea freight are undoubtedly the best ways for them

For products that need to arrive urgently, they usually use air freight. After the goods arrive at the airport, they can arrange their own cooperative freight forwarders to provide them with customs clearance and transportation services. For bulk goods, they usually use LCL and FCL, which can Save them a lot of transportation costs.

Amazon FBA Sales

For this type of customers, my experience is that their purchase volume is between the two groups above. Most of their purchased products come from Alibaba, and they are very sensitive to the transportation cost of goods, because this transportation cost is related to the retail sales of their products. Price has a lot to do with it.

Because the goods need to be transported directly to the Amazon FBA warehouse in the United States, but Amazon, as the consignee, will not be responsible for customs clearance and other matters of the goods, so for such customers, I personally think Alibaba best way to ship from china to usa is the best way to use DDP by air, DDP by sea, etc., which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble and save costs.


Now that you know about Alibaba best way to ship from china to usa, you can start your own business on Alibaba. It is important to discuss shipping options with your customers on Alibaba in order to determine the most appropriate method based on their specific needs and budget. They can provide you with quotes for different shipping methods and advise on the best options for your shipment. Additionally, when choosing a shipping method, consider factors such as customs clearance procedures, insurance coverage, and any additional services that may be required.