Qué significa en tránsito fedex

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What does in transit mean fedex , When FedEx lists your package’s status as ‘In Transit,’ it indicates that your shipment is currently moving through the FedEx network. Barring any unforeseen shipping or customs issues, your package should arrive on the scheduled delivery date.

Packages often stay in the ‘In Transit’ status for several days before delivery. During this time, your package could be awaiting processing at a FedEx facility rather than actively traveling in a vehicle like a plane or truck.”

But the actual situation is not like this, Because when you ship a package from China, there are actually many transfer links for this package, According to our freight forwarding experience, it is divided into many situations. You need to judge the situation of your package according to different situations. We use a package we sent to Cote d’Ivoire for a customer to explain the different situations!

Scenario 1: Waiting for a flight

In this scenario, FedEx will also display “On the way”, but you will find that your package has not made any progress, except for the “On the way” update once a day. In most cases, your package is at the FedEx transfer base, such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, which is the FedEx package transfer headquarters in South China. They are arranging your package transfer, but due to limited space on the aircraft, your package can only wait in line for transfer. This situation will last for 1-3 days at the shortest, and 7-10 days at the longest!

The second scenario: Waiting for flight transfer

FedEx will also display this scenario as en route. This means that your package has left the departure point and is in transit, but because your destination is far away, you need to transfer to a flight. Normally, the destination is usually a distant country, such as some African countries, Like this package, it needs to transfer from Germany and France, so the FedEx official website will also display it as en route

The third scenario: the package is in customs clearance

In this scenario, FedEx will also show it as en route, but it will also show “package available for customs clearance”. If it is DHL or UPS express, the package will be displayed as “in customs clearance”. If you find that your package has arrived at the destination country, we recommend that you take the initiative to contact FedEx to ask if you need assistance in customs clearance, so that your package can be cleared faster.

our suggestion

What does in transit mean fedex, We believe that everyone has a certain understanding through this article. We need to remind everyone that you should pay the most attention to the third scenario, because during the entire package transportation process, customs clearance is the most important. If customs clearance cannot be completed, your package may be returned to the departure point by FedEx, and you will need to bear high shipping costs.If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.