Qué es la excepción de envío fedex

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What is shipment exception Fedex, This means that your package has an abnormality when it is transferred at the place of shipment. This situation may usually be caused by three reasons.

Qué es la excepción de envío fedex

FedEx shipment display abnormalities may be caused by a variety of reasons, including customs clearance delays, weather effects, address problems, package damage or loss, temporary detention, logistics transit problems, system update delays, transportation tool failures, customer information problems and holiday effects.

When encountering this situation, it is recommended to first check FedEx’s official tracking system to confirm whether there are any updates. If the problem persists, you can contact FedEx customer service for further inquiries and processing.

In addition, if the package has an error within a specific time period, such as delivery error or incomplete warehousing, you should contact customer service in time to provide feedback and provide the necessary tracking information so that the package can be found and processed in time.

Shipment Exception Fedex -There may be three reasons

  1. Failed to pass aviation security inspection. In air transportation, as we all know, there are many flammable and explosive items, products that interfere with flight operations, and products suspected of being counterfeit and shoddy products that are prohibited. Therefore, if you have these types of products in the cargo you are transporting, you must make a dangerous goods certificate and file it with the airline,If you have battery products, you also need MSDS certification
  2. Problems during transit: Our parcels will go through many transits during transportation. Various problems may occur during the transit process, such as loss of parcels, delayed delivery due to bad weather, violent sorting by sorting staff, and damage to the outsourced parcels caused by unpacking during transit. These are common occurrences.
  3. Customs clearance issues: the declared value is too high, which means that the goods need to be declared normally before they can be shipped from the customs at the place of departure; the buyer restricts the import of products; the infringing products are seized by the customs; the declared value does not match the actual value; the goods need to be returned or abandoned and destroyed locally, etc. These are all common customs clearance issues.