Análisis del volumen mensual de importaciones de contenedores de China a Estados Unidos

Publicado por FBASZ

In May 2024, the volume of container imports from mainland China in the United States increased by double digits year-on-year and month-on-month! The preliminary data for May was 1,024,322TEU, a 17.06% increase from April, returning to 1 million TEUs! And it increased by 10.77% year-on-year from May last year! Compared with May 2019, it increased by 17.19%.

This is the confidence of shipping companies to further push up the US line in addition to the direct and indirect losses of effective capacity supply caused by detours in the container liner shipping industry! The supply and demand relationship of capacity is extremely unbalanced, and it resonates with another core plate of container shipping, the European line, and the entire route.

The United States has increased the tariff rate on certain product categories of China under Article 301, including 382 HTSUS sub-items and 5 HTSUS statistical report numbers, with an estimated annual trade value of US$18 billion (2023)