What is LCL shipping?

Geschrieben von FBASZ

LCL (Less Than Container Load) means that the goods consigned by the cargo owner are less than a full container, and the agent (or carrier) sorts the goods and assembles the goods destined for the same destination into the same container.

Because there are goods from different owners in one box that are assembled together, it is called LCL. LCL can be divided into direct consolidation or transfer consolidation. Direct consolidation means that the goods in the LCL container are loaded and unloaded at the same port, and the goods are not unpacked before arriving at the destination port, that is, the goods are at the same unloading port. The transportation period is short, convenient and fast.

Trans-consolidation means that the goods in the same container are transported to different ports separately. Because it needs to be unloaded and dismantled at the trans-shipment port, cargo is divided and other transshipment flights are required, the timeliness will be relatively slow. You should pay attention to this when consolidating containers.