USPS will move air cargo to UPS during summer

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According to news on April 26, the U.S. Postal Service said it plans to transfer daily air freight volume to UPS before its contract with FedEx expires in September to ensure that customers will not have service interruption during the busy holiday shipping season.

A USPS spokesman said the Postal Service will implement a detailed plan next month to begin moving operations from FedEx to UPS. The process will continue to develop throughout the summer and be completed before the contract expires.

UPS said it will hire fewer than 200 pilots to support postal operations but does not require the purchase of any aircraft. It expects to use existing assets to support the postal service and shift most mail volumes on current domestic daytime operations. The U.S. Postal Service contract is a good fit with UPS’s strategy to grow its B2B business and will contribute immediately to top-line growth without requiring additional investment.