Shipping From Canada To China

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Shipping From Canada To China,FBASZ provides professional solutions, including using UPS express, FedEx local pickup, China Customs clearance and other services,We only accept parcel shipping for commercial goods, not personal items.

If your business needs to send a parcel from Canada to China, you may have many questions and uncertainty as to where to start. Regardless if you are a small business sending your new products to China or sending a gift to a valued partner in China, it can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to do or where to begin.

Our Import Services

We can arrange for our cooperative agents to pick up the goods locally, or arrange door-to-door pickup through UPS and FedEx,not only do we collect and deliver your shipment, but we also take care of quarantine and customs requirements to ensure your goods are granted entry to their destination country. That’s one more task ticked off your to-do list!

Prepare customs clearance materials, including contracts, invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates of origin, health certificates, etc. These information need to be prepared before customs declaration, and the authenticity and accuracy of the information must be ensured.

We have China Customs certification qualifications and can declare the value, quantity, type and other information of goods to the customs, and pay the corresponding duties and value-added tax. The customs will review the customs declaration materials, check whether the goods comply with relevant regulations, and decide whether to release them. If customs believes there are any problems with the goods, they may require the importer to make rectifications or return the goods.

We can arrange transportation to pick up the goods and inform you of the specific situation of the goods. If there are any problems with the goods during transportation, we will handle them promptly

Shipping From Canada To China Import Method

General trade imports

General trade import refers to a way of importing goods through normal transactions in accordance with relevant national regulations. In general trade imports, importers need to declare the value, quantity, type and other information of the goods to the customs, and pay the corresponding duties and value-added tax. The advantage of general trade import is that the procedures are relatively simple and suitable for long-term and large-scale import business.

Processing trade imports

Processing trade import refers to a way for enterprises to import raw materials, parts or equipment for processing, assembly, compensation, repair and other purposes. Goods imported under processing trade can be bonded within a certain period, that is, they are temporarily exempt from paying customs duties and value-added tax. The advantage of processing trade imports is that it can reduce the cost of enterprises, improve production efficiency, and increase the ability to earn foreign exchange from exports.

Cross-border e-commerce imports

Cross-border e-commerce import refers to a way for companies or individuals to sell overseas goods to Chinese consumers through e-commerce platforms. The advantage of cross-border e-commerce import is that it is convenient and fast, which can meet consumers’ demand for overseas goods. It can also reduce the cost of enterprises and improve sales efficiency.

Shipping From Canada To China Import Process

  1. Contact the supplier to communicate about the procurement process, obtain the address for picking up the goods, and arrange a freight forwarder to make an import logistics plan. Logistics transportation includes Luftfracht, Seefracht, express delivery and other transportation methods.
  2. The second step is to arrange the logistics to arrive at the supplier’s warehouse to pick up the goods, arrange the export customs declaration of the goods abroad, and arrange the international transportation.
  3. In the third step, the goods arrive at the customs in China, and a series of import customs clearance actions such as import declaration, tax payment, inspection, and release are arranged.
  4. After customs releases, arrange to pick up the goods and deliver them to the buyer’s warehouse

Our Team Recommends:

For small goods, if the value of the goods is not high, choose door-to-door express delivery. The express delivery arranges door-to-door pick-up and door-to-door delivery.

The intermediate buyer only needs to clear customs of shoes. In this mode, buyers can have more peace of mind. The goods value of RMB 1,000 can be paid per person. For customs clearance of items, goods worth RMB 5,000 can be quickly cleared by express mail.

These two methods require simple information and fast customs clearance. If the goods value exceeds RMB 5,000, they need to be officially cleared by the company.

For goods of high value, not very large in weight and volume, and damaged, consider choosing air transport. This type of transportation is fast and the damage of the goods can be better controlled during the transportation process, but the cost is relatively high.

For large bulk goods, choose economical sea transportation. The biggest advantage is that the cost is less, but the transportation time is longer.

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