Wie viel kostet der Versand von China in die USA pro kg

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How Much Shipping Cost From China To USA Per Kg ? This is a question that many customers are concerned about. This question is very broad. When you search for this keyword, the results that come out all tell you how to Shipping from China to the USA, but I think this is A separate topic, so I’ll try to dig into this topic a little more

When shipped from China to the United States, products made in China end up in the hands of American customers. Have you ever wondered what a journey this would take? It’s not just the distance that matters, but also the associated costs. Here’s the thing: Transportation costs play a big role in global trade. In this article, we explore the impact of these costs, look at the latest trends, and point out some important information for businesses and everyday shoppers alike

Wie viel kostet der Versand von China in die USA pro kg

According To Transportation Method

According to the transportation method, express, air and sea freight can be used to ship goods from China to the United States. Their transportation rates are relatively different. The monthly price changes of express und Luftfracht are relatively large, while Seefracht is relatively stable.


Container shipping costs from china to usa, Usually customers use full container transportation, and we can provide approximate prices, including cost of shipping 40ft container from china to usa and 20 ft container shipping cost from china to usa.

Discover the average costs of shipping a 20 foot (20FT and 40 foot (40FT) Full Container Load (FCL) from various cities in China to the USA

From (China)To (USA)Type of ContainerAverage Ocean Freight Rate
ShanghaiLong Beach20 foot container (20FT)$2,880
ShanghaiLong Beach40 foot container (40FT)$3,720
ShenzhenLong Beach20 foot container (20FT)$2,480
ShenzhenLong Beach40 foot container (40FT)$3,800
NingboLong Beach20 foot container (20FT)$2,750
NingboLong Beach40 foot container (40FT)$3,400
Hong KongLong Beach20 foot container (20FT)$3,830
Hong KongLong Beach40 foot container (40FT)$2,770
GuangzhouUSA20 foot container (20FT)$3,600
GuangzhouUSA40 foot container (40FT)$3,550
QingdaoUSA20 foot container (20FT)check with us
QingdaoUSA40 foot container (40FT)check with us
TianjinUSA20 foot container (20FT)check with us
TianjinUSA40 foot container (40FT)check with us
DalianUSA20 foot container (20FT)check with us
DalianUSA40 foot container (40FT)check with us
XiamenUSA20 foot container (20FT)check with us
XiamenUSA40 foot container (40FT)check with us
YingkouUSA20 foot container (20FT)check with us
YingkouUSA40 foot container (40FT)check with us

Air Delivery Fee

Air shipping from china to usa cost, It has a lot to do with your cargo, the location of the cargo and the destination airport. If your cargo does not contain lithium batteries, you can normally arrange flights at the airport in mainland China. If your cargo contains lithium batteries, you can usually only arrange flights at Departing from Hong Kong Airport, the following are the aviation rates in April 2024

Weight Range (KG)Service TypeRate per KG (USD)Note
StandardLuftfracht$4.3Standard air freight rate from China to US.
0.5 – 5.5Air Express Freight$4.85 – $17.86For lightweight packages sent via air express.
6 – 11Air Express Freight$10.82 – $16.73Cost-effective for mid-weight air express shipments.
20.58Air Express Freight$15.61An example package of 20.58KG would cost around $280 total.
21 – 70Air Express Freight$7.5 – $7.8For heavier shipments over 21KG, with slightly lower rates.
Over 70Air Express Freight$6.8 – $7.2The best rates are reserved for the heaviest shipments.

Air Express

For express delivery costs from China to the United States, you first need to understand your goods and weight. If the weight of your goods can only be within 25-100KG, we recommend that you use this method of transportation to save the most money and get the same transportation speed as air freight. , usually you can choose three express companies to serve you, namely DHL, UPSund FedEx. If you choose our FBASZ to provide services, you can get more discounted prices.

DHL Shipping Cost Per Kg From China To USA

DHL Express generally refers to DHL International Express, which is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL, a world-renowned postal and logistics group. DHL has operations in 220 countries and regions around the world and is the most internationalized company in the world.

Assuming the weight of your goods is 25KG-100KG, the current dhl shipping cost per kg from china to usa is USD 6.73/KG

UPS Shipping Cost From China To USA

UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) was founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is the world’s leading logistics company, providing package and cargo transportation, international trade facilitation, and advanced technology deployment. and a variety of solutions designed to improve the efficiency of global business management

Assuming the weight of your goods is 25KG-100KG, the current ups shipping cost from china to usa is USD 6.63/KG

Fedex Shipping From China To USA Cost

FedEx is an international express delivery group that provides overnight express, ground express, heavy cargo transportation, document copying and logistics services. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and is affiliated with FedEx Corp.

Assuming the weight of your goods is 25KG-100KG, fedex shipping from china to usa cost is USD 5.87/KG

EMS Shipping Cost From China To USA

EMS is an express delivery service, suitable for sending important documents, samples, gifts, etc. EMS cost from China to the United States is between 20-100 USD, EMS shipping cost from china to usa the specific price depends on the weight and destination of the item

versand von china nach usa

By Service Platform

By service platform, we usually divide it into two platforms, one is the Chinese procurement platform, Alibaba, and the other is the American shopping platform, Amazon FBA.

Shipping Costs From China To USA Alibaba

If you are an e-commerce practitioner, of course you cannot lack the procurement platform Alibaba. If you usually use this platform to ship goods, you need to find a Chinese freight forwarder to provide services for you. It is recommended to use door-to-door transportation.

Shipping Cost From China To Usa Amazon FBA

From China to Amazon FBA, you can use air freight and sea freight. Because Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance of the goods, it is recommended that you find a Chinese Amazon freight forwarder to provide door-to-door service.

Amazon FBA warehouse locationShipping Method21KG+71KG+101KG+
Western United States WarehouseAIR DDP$6.36/KG$6.01/KG$5.06/KG
Western United States WarehouseSEA DDP$2.21/KG$1.93/KG$1.38/KG
Central United States WarehouseAIR DDP$6.49/KG$6.15/KG$5.80/KG
Central United States WarehouseSEA DDP$2.35/KG$2.07/KG$1.52/KG
Eastern United States WarehouseAIR DDP$6.63/KG$6.29/KG$5.94/KG
Eastern United States WarehouseSEA DDP$2.49/KG$2.21/KG$1.66/KG
Shipping Cost From China To Usa Amazon FBA

About Shipping Cost From China To USA Per KG

5 Key factors determining Shipping Costs From China To US

  1. Load weight and volume: Shipping charges depend on the weight and volume of your shipment. Heavier items cost more to ship, while for lighter but larger items, quantity is the deciding factor. For air freight, the cost is calculated based on the larger of actual weight and dimensional weight (length × width × height/6000). For a comprehensive guide to calculating shipping billable weight, check out this detailed resource.
  2. Transportation Time:The urgency of your shipment has a significant impact on costs. Although express air freight is the most expensive, it will arrive within 1-4 days, while regular air freight takes about 7-10 days. Sea shipping is the cheapest option and takes 30-40 days to arrive.
  3. Distance:Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the distance between the loading location and the delivery location. For example, shipping a container from China to the East Coast of the United States may cost about 13% more than shipping to the West Coast, primarily due to the greater distance.
  4. Delivery Service Type:There are four main services: port to port, door to door, door to port, and port to door. Express air freight offers a door-to-door service, while standard air freight is usually port-to-port, unless you opt for an “all-inclusive” service that covers the entire shipping chain.
  5. Shipping Season:Shipping costs vary according to the seasons and peaks of Chinese holidays such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Golden Week and Mid-Autumn Festival. It can be cost-effective to plan your shipments during peak and off-season periods.