Schifffahrtsunternehmen haben fast 6 Millionen TEU an neuen Kapazitäten geschaffen

Geschrieben von FBASZ

Alphaliner’s latest statistics show that as of June 7, the total number of newly ordered ships by global container liner companies has reached 574, and the total newly ordered capacity has reached 5.734 million TEUs!

It is worth noting that the newly ordered capacity of the world’s top ten shipping companies alone has reached 5.15 million TEUs, accounting for 89.9% of the total newly ordered capacity in the world. Among them, the newly ordered capacity of the two shipping giants, Mediterranean Shipping MSC and CMA CGM, has exceeded 1 million TEUs

As the world’s largest shipping company, Mediterranean Shipping MSC also ranks first in the new order capacity rankings. The number of new container ships purchased or ordered is as high as 106, and the total newly added capacity exceeds 1.268 million TEUs, which is more than 20% of the existing capacity!

The second is CMA CGM, which has purchased or ordered 87 new container ships, with a total newly added capacity of about 1.03 million TEUs, and the newly added capacity accounts for nearly 30% of its existing capacity.

Evergreen Marine ranked third, having confirmed the ordering of 67 new container ships, with a total additional capacity of about 730,000 TEUs, which is close to half of the existing capacity.