Wie lange dauert ein Paket von China nach Großbritannien?

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How long does a package take from China to the UK? After choosing the courier company, the weight of the parcel and the destination, you can roughly estimate the time required to send a parcel to the UK.

According to experience, it usually takes 3-5 working days to send a parcel weighing less than 2 kg from China to the UK, while it may take longer to send a heavier parcel.

Specifically, if you choose an international courier company such as DHL or FedEx, the speed is relatively fast, but the price is also relatively high. If you choose a more economical method such as sea or air transportation, the speed may be slower, but the price will also be more affordable.

Wie lange dauert ein Paket von China nach Großbritannien?

In addition, the city and region where the destination is located will also affect the arrival time of the express parcel. For example, if the parcel is delivered to a remote area, it may take longer to arrive.

It should be noted that the above time is for reference only, and the specific arrival time needs to be determined according to the actual situation. Therefore, when choosing a courier company and delivery method, you need to fully consider the time factor and choose the most suitable courier service according to your needs.