Express Shipping From China To USA

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Express Shipping from China to the USA ! Which express delivery is the fastest? The cheapest price? What is the specific process? Today I will publish a ranking of four express delivery companies to teach you how to correctly use international express delivery from China to the USA

No. 1: DHL Express

Germany’s DHL multinational express delivery giant is one of the first international express delivery companies to enter China. It has a huge scale and comprehensive network coverage. Owns multiple specialized cargo aircraft.

Advantages: Strong customs clearance capabilities and the most stable timeliness, especially mainland DHL and Hong Kong DHL. Normally it takes about 3 working days to sign for receipt

Disadvantages: The price is relatively expensive, it is not easy to handle special-shaped goods, there are many restrictions on consigned items, and many goods are rejected.

No. 2: Fedex

ince Fedex acquired TNT of the Netherlands, it has become an air supremacy and is the international express company with the most cargo aircraft. Comprehensive network coverage. The mode of transportation is mainly air transportation.

Advantages: For goods weighing more than 21kg, the price of using Fedex to express to North America, Southeast Asia and South Asia is relatively advantageous. There are relatively few shipping restrictions, website information is updated quickly, and query response is quick.

Disadvantages: The efficiency of handling problems is not high, and sometimes flights are delayed.

No. 3. EMS Global Postal Union

EMS is a special business jointly launched by Universal Post. It has priority processing rights in postal, customs, aviation and other departments, has strong customs clearance capabilities, and has few product restrictions.

Advantages: Goods with a size within 60CM can be billed directly based on actual weight. The discounts are low and there are many items that can be mailed. Items restricted by DHL, FEDEX, and UPS can be shipped by EMS. Such as food, cosmetics, etc.

Disadvantages: The aging is unstable, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. The controllability is low, and it is not easy to track and query express shipments. Products with internal electronics cannot be mailed. Very slow to deal with issues

No. 4.UPS United Parcel Service

UPS is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies and the world’s leading logistics service provider. Its main advantages are the United States and Europe. The transportation mode is mainly land transportation, supplemented by air transportation, and the terminal delivery capability is very strong. For example, Amazon, China-Europe Railway, and shipping lines are generally delivered by UPS.

Advantages: The website information is updated quickly, problems are solved in a timely manner, and the price is relatively good for large goods above 100KG+.

Disadvantages: The unit price is based on weight, and the weight, volume, and size restrictions on a single piece of goods are relatively strict, and the product is subject to many restrictions.